Adavantage of segment servo motor

2021-06-30 16:36:22 113

3X MOTION segment servo motor has the following structural features and advatages:

Break through the taditional design concept of servo motor, the stator of 3X MOTION segment servo motor is cut into multi-lobe structure, and then the winding is wound and assembled by spechial technology.


Advantage 1: maximum use of slot area, slot full rate up to 92%, can effectively improve the power density of the motor, reduce copper loss.

Comparation between segment structural and traditional structural under:


  The slot full rate can reach 92%                                                                         The slot full rate can only reach 72%

Advantage 2: the end length can be the shortest, improve the conductor utilization rate, reduce loss, improve efficiency, can make the motor structure length significantly shortened, compact volume.

                              Segment servo motor structural

Advantage 3: more simple manufacturing process, can achieve high speed and high efficiency automatic production.

3X MOTION now is well prepared to provide you with the most efficient and newest technology motors.