• 3X MOTION in SPS 2019 concluded successfully

    3X Motion attended in 2019 SPS Exhibition in Nuremberg Germany on 27th ~ 29th November. We showed our products and also solutions at the exhibition, and had a close communication with European customers there.


  • Adavantage of segment servo motor

    3X MOTION segment servo motor has the following structural features and advatages. Break through the traditional design concept of servo motor, the stator of servo motor is cut into multi-lobe structure, and then the winding is wound and assembled by special technology.



    3X MOTION is a leading provider of motion solution and control system. We are committed to providing our customers with advanced, sophisticated and cost-effective system solutions to meet your real value requirement and drive the "made in China 2025" initiative.


  • Come see popular motors for moving solution!

    3X MOTION® currently has a very strong technical ability to provide you three types of popular motor products. Three series motor product user menus to tell you how to choose one motor for your needs.


  • 3X Motion will be at SPS 2019 in Nuremberg

    3X Motion will be at SPS 2019 in Nuremberg Germany.SPS: Smart production solution exhibitionTime: 26th - 28th November, 2019Booth: Hall 3 - Stand 554Product display: Stepper motor, Brushless DC motor,


  • 3X MOTION passed IATF16949 certification

    Throhgh more than half a year's efforts of 3X Motion quality team, including the full cooperation of all of our departments.3X Motion have passed the external audit of IATF 16949 on 24th February


  • 3X MOTION - Solar tracker motor supplier in InterSolar 2019

    On 15th - 17th May 2019, 3X motion have taken part in InterSolar exhibition in Munich in Germany. 3X Motion had solar business for over 10 years. Till now we have supplied our customer motors for


  • 3X MOTION show at SPS IPC drives 2018 in Germany

    3X Motion attended in 2018 SPS IPC DRIVES International Exhibition as an exhibitor in 3# Halle in Nuremberg Germany on 27th ~ 29th November. 3X Motion took a lot of products and motion solutions at the exhibition, and achieved remarkable result.


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